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Outreach is making a difference for children with ASD

There are growing numbers of children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In Minnesota, significant disparities exist in the prevalence rates of ASD across cultural groups. While we have seen high rates of ASD in some groups (e.g., Caucasian and Somali), we have uncovered significant underrepresentation in other cultural groups (e.g., Native American and Asian).

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I am driven to make sure our 'systems' work together to support families. Providing early supports increases the likelihood that children will have healthy, happy and successful lives. All families, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, need to be heard and to have accessible information and resources available to them.

“A significant need exists for coordinated, targeted outreach within culturally diverse communities to identify children with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disabilities.”
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Minnesota Act Early is a statewide campaign that reaches out to families, communities, and organizations to promote early screening and early identification of potential developmental delays. Oftentimes, families can feel alone and scared when dealing with a child showing signs of delayed development. We seek to provide education and community building about healthy development, understanding early signs of ASD and other developmental delays, and the importance of regular screening and early intervention when there is a concern.

Minnesota Act Early

Parents, advocates, and respected community representatives are a trusted source of information in diverse communities. We know they are in a unique position to promote information about child developmental and local resources available for parents and families of young children. That is why Minnesota Act Early partners with these communities to expand our message and resources in new and creative ways. Every time we see hope in the eyes of parents, we are reminded how important our work is.

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