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Leaders at ICI are working with schools to support student transition

For nearly three decades, federal legislation has played a major role in supporting the participation of youth with disabilities in secondary and postsecondary education programs, employment, and other vital aspects of community living. While an important policy framework has been advanced, and strides made in achieving the goals of this legislation, post- school follow-up and longitudinal studies conducted over time continue to produce substantial documentation about the difficulties these young adults experience upon leaving school.

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ICI Director

“Known as ‘Transition,’ this formative period in a young person’s life often foreshadows a lifetime ahead.”

David Johnson wants to help youth with disabilities embark on their next chapter with hope for a life of self-reliance and success. For years, he has been a go-to national expert helping state education agencies translate research into professional practices and useful policies that lead to improved educational results for this student population.

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Johnson’s views on educational and social issues facing youth with disabilities have been instrumental in helping policymakers develop strategies that promote effective educational practices and better academic and social outcomes. Johnson understands policy development is a multi- faceted blend of challenges which coexist with conflicting priorities and widely diverse social and political perspectives. Recognizing this reality, he has developed and honed a passion for identifying and assembling pieces of the “policy puzzle,” knowledge which can be considered by legislators and researchers in their quest to create effective policies and practices for young adults with disabilities.

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Through the use of evidenced-based practices, David Johnson helps our schools achieve measurable results in all areas of student learning and engagement, making many young people’s future a little brighter.

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