Robert Bergerson

Stephanie Award Recipient

Cow Tipping Press Exhibit
October 2017-January 2018

"The Fall" by Robert Bergerson

Artist's Statement: Robert Bergerson is a great poet, a very good poet. He likes to say what’s on his mind. It’s like enjoying life every day.

Many thanks to Cow Tipping Press for supporting Rob's creativity. See more about Cow Tipping Press in this Twin Cities Daily Planet article featuring Rob's work, ‘You talk, I’ll type’ Cow Tipping Press offers new space for writers.

About the Stephanie Award

The Stephanie Award is offered through the The Stephanie Evelo Fund for Art Inclusion, a fund that supports activities at the Institute on Community Integration that recognize and promote artwork created by people with disabilities. The fund was established by Sheryl and David Evelo in partnership with the Institute to remember their daughter Stephanie, a gifted artist and dedicated Institute employee and colleague. The Stephanie Award is offered to the favored individual artist in an ART for ALL exhibit. See more at the Stephanie Award.