Katharine Fitzgerald

Stephanie Award Recipient

Minnesota Life College Exhibit
January - April 2016

Katharine Fitzgerald accepting the Stephanie Award with Sheryl Evelo

Katharine Fitzgerald's scratchboard artwork


About the Artist: Originally from Buffalo, Minnesota, Katharine Fitzgerald is a 23-year-old student at Minnesota Life College (MLC). As a part of MLC's program for young adults with Autism and learning differences, students enjoy evening classes in creative pursuits. It was in the art class during her freshman year that Katharine realized she had a gift for drawing. "I always doodled and stuff, but I realized I'm pretty good at art." The following year, Katharine purchased ink pens and a sketchbook and instituted the routine of drawing for 45 minutes every day. During summer vacation, she drew for one hour every day. Besides drawing with pen and ink, Katharine especially enjoys drawing on scratchboards, using a a tool to remove an upper coating of dark material to expose a light under layer. She enjoys the process and using the small scratches to create larger areas of texture. Katharine is sticking with her routine of drawing daily and is currently making watercolor sketches of dogs, birds, cats, horses, and wild animals. She makes art every day because she enjoys it and "Just because I want to get better at it."

About the Stephanie Award

The Stephanie Award is offered through the The Stephanie Evelo Fund for Art Inclusion, a fund that supports activities at the Institute on Community Integration that recognize and promote artwork created by people with disabilities. The fund was established by Sheryl and David Evelo in partnership with the Institute to remember their daughter Stephanie, a gifted artist and dedicated Institute employee and colleague. The Stephanie Award is offered to the favored individual artist in an ART for ALL exhibit. See more at the Stephanie Award.