The Stephanie Evelo Fund for Art Inclusion

Art for All: The Stephanie Evelo Fund for Art Inclusion, a project of the University of Minnesota's Institute on Community Integration, recognizes, celebrates, and promotes the work of Minnesota artists with disabilities. Through curated exhibitions in Pattee Hall and select locations in the Twin Cities, Art for All provides artists the opportunity to display, discuss, and sell their work.

The fund was established by Sheryl and David Evelo in partnership with the Institute to remember their daughter Stephanie (1969–2012), a gifted artist and dedicated Institute employee and colleague. The fund currently supports the Stephanie Award, which is given to one artist per exhibit in Pattee Hall, as well as to purchase artwork for the Evelo Art Collection, a permanent collection of works by artists with disabilities on display in Pattee Hall, the Institute's primary building on the Mineapolis campus of the University of Minnesota.

Evelo Art Collection brass plaque

About Stephanie

Stephanie had some incredible strengths. She had her own vision for her future. She wanted to work in an office, to live in her own apartment, to have friends, travel, be an artist, babysit, go to dances, be in a bowling league, and more! Her drive for independence led others to help make it happen. She proved over and over that she was capable, strong, and incredibly resourceful. We miss her dearly and are honored to continue supporting artists with dreams like hers.

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For more information about the Stephanie Award, the Stephanie Evelo Fund for Art Inclusion, or the ART for ALL initiative at the Institute on Community Integration, please email

opening scene of the Art for All and Interact videoWatch this short video about Art for All and their collaboration with Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts. 



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Past Art Exhibits

March–May 2019

Avivo ArtWorks Collective

The exhibit “United Practice” was displayed in Pattee Hall at the University of Minnesota. The exhibition partner, the Avivo ArtWorks Collective, is a group of 16 artists (including Deborah Flye, whose untitled ink-on-paper drawing is shown below) who unite to practice art, embrace diversity, build community, and present their work publicly. The Collective is supported by Avivo, a Minneapolis nonprofit specializing in helping individuals and their families who face complex barriers to success—poverty, homelessness, unemployment, chemical addiction or mental health concerns. Avivo, like ICI, believes that those exhibiting their work are artists first and their diagnosis is secondary.


"Untitled ink on paper" by Deborah Flye

August 29, 2018

Art for All: The Stephanie Evelo Fund for Art Inclusion at The Minneapolis Club

There was a public art reception at the Minneapolis Club honoring the work of 5 distinctive artists: Katharine Fitzgerald, Ingrid Hansen, Jon Leverentz, Geoffrey Mikol, and Jimmy Reagan. The artists greeted visitors and shared their views on the world.

"Allosaurus with Mohawk" by Katharine Fitzgerald

Partnership Resources, Inc. (January–March 2018)

Big Rocks, a painting by Amy P

"Big Rocks" by Amy P.

Partnership Resources, Inc. (PRI) was one of our early exhibiting partners in the ART for ALL installations. Their staff and artists helped plan and present at the Arts & Disability Symposium in 2009. We are honored to have them back! This exhibit featured 37 works of art—acrylics, watercolors, oil pastels, mixed media, and more. PRI provides day training, habilitation services, supported employment and art programs.  They currently serve approximately 300 adults with developmental disabilities.

Cow Tipping Press (October 2017–January 2018)

Photo of printed books and a framed piece of literature and art.This exhibit, Aliens in the Group Home: A Neurodiverse Literary Landscape, showcased authors with disabilities from Cow Tipping Press. The widely-used medium of literature is not often considered visual art. This exhibition, however, presented a series of printed poems and short stories written by their students and peers. To feature the expression of the medium of literature, printed books and excerpts partner with form, attached to raw wooden frames that showcase words in harmony with visual art. Similar to the limited ability of letters to compose words, each frame is near identical, marked with subtle variations in structural details. Each author has arranged words creatively to produce their own distinct imagery. The medium of language in these creative writings and the form of the wooden frames help turn a literary art work into a visual one.

Cow Tipping Press teaches inclusive writing classes for adults with developmental disabilities. More broadly, the publishing house offers adults with developmental disabilities a chance to speak for themselves in a medium — books — usually used to speak about them. Authors then share their distinct voices with new audiences as a form of advocacy and integration. Yet the impact is not limited to authors. Surveys show that 83% of readers cite that Cow Tipping books change their fundamental perspective on disability.

Jon Leverentz (June–September 2017)

Jon Leverentz, "Frontier Town Montana"

Jon has been an artist for most of his life, using acrylic and oil paints to create his artwork. He is inspired by nature and likes painting outdoor scenery. Jon’s insignia for all his paintings includes a “G” for God and his initials. He includes a “G” because through everything God has helped him, especially in his painting. Review the listing of Jon Leverentz's pieces in this exhibit (PDF). See also: Jon Leverentz: The Soul of an Artist (video), and the authors of Art Beyond Sight: A Resource Guide to Art, Creativity, and Visual Impairment briefly discuss Jon's artistic contributions despite his multiple disabilities.

Interact Visual Artists at Birchwood Cafe, "Feast" (August–October 2017)

Feast was a community exhibit by Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts held at the Birchwood Cafe in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. During 2017, Interact Visual Artists explored the subject of food and their relationships and perceptions of food and art. Individual cultural traditions were compared by exploring different ethnic foods. The artists approached the call in a variety of media and styles to demonstrate both existing and new understandings of one of the most basic building blocks of life, food.

Evelo Permanent Collection at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis (May 2017)

photo of man installing art on wallWe installed our first community art exhibit at Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral on Loring Park at 519 Oak Grove Street (across from the Walker) in Minneapolis! With the aid of St. Mark's art curator Gregory McDaniels, we installed nine works of art from the ART for ALL Permanent Collection. This exhibit was open to the public for the month of May.

Artists whose work were displayed include Ashlea Karkula, Mike Kramer, Eric Sherarts, Juanita Umbell, and Matthew Zimdars from Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts; Sharon Wood from Courage Center; and independent artists Stephanie Evelo, Geoffrey Mikol, and Jimmy Reagan.

See Changing Landscapes Exhibit Realizes Historical Milestone on ICI website.

Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts (January–April 2017)

Ingrid Hansen's painting, Llamsa and CliffWe were delighted to install our third exhibit of art from Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts, in this, our 10th year anniverary of showcasing art by artists with disabilities in Pattee Hall! This exhibit includes the work of 39 incredible Interact artists. We enjoyed meeting many of the artists at their closing reception on March 31, 2017 in Pattee Hall. Congratulations to Ingrid Hansen for winning the Stephanie Award for her piece "Llamas and Cliff" and to Ashlea Karkula for the sale of her piece "Cityscape" which is now a part of our permanent collection!
Art: Ingrid Hansen's Llamas and Cliff.

Geoffrey Mikol (September–December 2016)

Photo of light streaming in forest of trees and grassWe were excited to exhibit the artwork of Illinois artist Geoffrey Mikol as part of our ART for ALL arts exhibits. Geoffrey was born with Downs syndrome and has found a special connection with fine art photography as a means of expressing himself. He recently graduated from Harper College and is self-employed through his fine art photography. Follow Geoffrey on Instagram or Facebook.
Art: Geoffrey Mikol's First Light

ICI Staff and Permanent Collection Exhibit (June–August 2016)

Works in the Stephanie Evelo Permanent Art Collection and by Institute on Community Integration employees were on exhibit over the summer months.

Minnesota Life College (January–April 2016)

Photo of 10 students showing their Intaglio prints in a studio.The students of Minnesota Life College (MLC) prepared exceptional art work for the ART for ALL exhibit at the Institute on Community Integration. The selection of artwork spanned two years of art making and included intaglio prints, dioramas, scratch boards, charcoal and pastel drawings, and both watercolor and acrylic paintings. MLC is a life-long learning program for individuals with Autism Spectrum and learning differences who want to lead an independent life within the community. The purpose of MLC is to provide Real Skills for Real Life™ training in an experiential learning setting, and be a transition guide throughout the many changes that take place throughout adult life. We are excited to see their creations!

Jonathan Culbertson (August–December 2015)

Photo of Jonathan'sAbout the artist: Jonathan Culbertson is a skilled photographer who specializes in nature, portrait, and event photography. Jonathan lives with Autism and other disabilities which have added strength to his work. He uses his unique view of the world to inspire others through his art.


Jimmy Reagan (March–July 2015)

Born July 6, 1993 in St. Paul, MN and creating art since 2009, Jimmy Reagan has a passion for color, texture and the simplicity of an image. His work is expressive and inventive while innocent and sophisticated at the same time.  The sumptuous, unexpected array of color in Reagan's work, suggests the artist's relationship to synesthesia. Bright, electric color infuses his images as do short lines he defines as 'tick marks.' Reagan's favorite subjects are portraits – both people and animals. The subjects of Reagan’s portraiture often depict a clear, sometimes striking, direct gaze. Eye contact is an interesting and reccurring theme. Diagnosed with complex autism at age 2 1/2, Reagan's work offers him a means to illustrate his perspective of the world. See CEHD News article, Institute on Community Integration Showcases Artist Jimmy Reagan.

Midwest Special Services (July–October 2014)

Photo of art in MSS exhibitWe are excited to display over 20 pieces of visual art from the talented artists at Midwest Special Services (MSS), a non-profit organization that provides supports for adults with disabilities. The show includes a variety of art mediums including drawings, paintings, prints, textile art, photographs, and digital art. The art on display is a product of MSS' award-winning Creative Arts Program. Through a facilitated approach, MSS artists are able to overcome physical or cognitive barriers they may face, and bring their creative vision to life.

For more information about MSS or their Creative Arts Program please contact Lauren Hughes at

"Upstream" (March–June 2014)

Photograph included in current exhibit at Pattee HallNew York photographer Dirk Anschütz joined forces with Minneapolis-based Upstream Arts – a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of adults and youth with disabilities through the power of arts education – to produce Upstream, an exhibition that offers unsentimental portraits of young adults with disabilities. In this body of work, Anschütz focuses on the complex human being beyond the disability.

Lao Xiong (October 2013–January 2014)

Artwork of Lao XiongThis independent artist, Lao Xiong, supported by TSE Incorporated, provided over 20 pieces to exhibit in Pattee Hall. See this StarTribune article, On the job with employment advisor Jeff Myhre for more information about Lao's employment advisor and TSE.

Opportunity Partners (May–September 2013)

Pattee Hall was graced with artwork from artists from Opportunity Partners during the summer of 2013.

Interact Center (November 2012–January 2013)

This was our 3rd exhibition from artists at Interact Center. We showed over 30 paintings, sculpture, and home decor pieces exhibited on all 3 floors and in select conference rooms and suites.

Lifeworks Services (June–September 2012)

We displayed over 30 pieces from Lifeworks Services' traveling collection. Art, music, theater, photography, and art history are taught by volunteers, guest artists and Lifeworks staff. Clients have the opportunity to display their art at events around the community, as part of the Lifeworks Traveling Art Show.

ART-Abilities (November 2011–February 2012)

We exhibited over 35 pieces from ART-Abilities Gallery celebrating artwork and creativity by Twin Cities artists of all abilities. This show was presented in collaboration with ARRM, Homeward Bound, Inc., and Star Services, and with community partners CCP, Harry Meyering Center, Opportunity Partners, Phoenix Alternative and REM The Mentor Network. This selection of art had been previously exhibited at the Ridgedale Library, and enjoyed an extended exhibit at Pattee Hall!

Brainstorms (January–May 2011)

Raising awareness about epilepsy, in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota

Duality - Art by Anderson         Sunflowers - Art by Krupp         Strange Sound of Caution - Art by Potter DuCloux

The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota (EFM) launched its Creative Arts program in 2004, the only program of its kind in Minnesota and eastern North Dakota. The BRAINSTORMS visual arts program is one of EFM’s three Creative Arts programs and features over 120 pieces from artists living with seizures. The collection travels throughout communities in Minnesota and eastern North Dakota to raise epilepsy awareness. See the full Brainstorms Art collection online.

Slideshows of Past Art Opening Events

News Articles Related to Ongoing Exhibits

(Note that ART for ALL was named Changing Landscapes from 2007 until early 2018.)

  • Show and Sell: U of M art exhibit promotes artists with disabilities, March 10, 2008, Access Press, Inc.
  • ICI Launches “Changing Landscapes: The Visiting Artists with Disabilities Project”, August 2007, ICI’s FYI Newsletter


Thanks to the generous support of ICI, its committed staff members, and the participating organizations and artists loaning and selling their artwork. Special thanks to a grant from the College of Education and Human Development’s Multicultural and Diversity Committee for supporting us in our inaugural year, 2007–2008.